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Our history

Vieille Abbaye is the cooked meat department of DERWA Group

Our history

The society "La vieille Abbaye" was founded in 1963. Client satisfaction oriented, the managers have always done everything in order to stay up-to-date. In fact, it's in this way that they have established a new modern workshop on the site of liege in 1999. This project required an investment of 2 million euro.


The society which employs 25 persons realizes a production of more or less 25 tons per week in the cooked paste products range.


White sausage of liege, Sambas, traditional smocked frankfurt, high quality pâtés "Suprême" and sauerkraut are our best sellers. Other products like cooked sausages, "chasseurs" white sausages and thematic products like stuffed piglet, stuffed duck and blood sausage with apples and grapes follow those best sellers.


Dear clients, taste them, you'll adopt them...

Trouvez-nous !

Vieille Abbaye S.A.

Avenue de Jupille n°4
4020 Liège

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Tel. +32 (0)4 345 64 41
Fax. +32 (0)4 362 22 86

S.A. Firme Derwa

Le spécialiste de la découpe du porc et du boeuf